Mind Traffic Control

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Todo Queues

Welcome to the new Mind Traffic Control.

For a first glimpse of the future, read this blog post.

The new Mind Traffic Control is a small command-line tool, inspired by Todo.txt. It's deceptively simple, but powerful.

Originally written in Racket, it has now been ported to Clojure. The source is again available, both on GitHub and GitLab

Command line MTC was originally written in Racket (a modern dialect of Scheme), and the source code is here.

Original MTC

If you were a user of the original Mind Traffic Control, don't worry, your data is still here. You can go to the export page and get it in one of todo.txt, OPML (outliner markup language, suitable for OWL) or CSV (imports into Excel) formats.

Exports »


What do you get if you cross an outliner with a wiki?

A power-tool for organizing and navigating all your projects.

The currently supported OWL is a locally hosted Python server and browser interface. Github.

There were older Android and Electron desktop versions. But these are no longer being worked on.